Legacy of Runes

Falcon Spirit: Book 3 of the Chronicles of the Falconers of Nymath

Alduin is plagued by dark visions that he does not understand. Is the peace that has reigned over Nymath for so long in danger? Or is it his and Erilea's daughter, Moreya, who is threatened? After all, she has a very unusual talent: by some mysterious means, she has bonded with the falcon chicks of nine young falconers. Through fear for his daughter's safety, Alduin tries to keep her talent secret; but rumours begin to spread and some of the older falconers are outraged at what they consider an abomination: a girl bonded with falcons. The bitter hate Alduin and his little family experience is growing, and it becomes increasingly difficult to know who to trust... Book 3 of the »Chronicles of the Falconers of Nymath« by Osanna Vaughn of the »Legacy of Runes« saga.