The Dark Lands

An adventuress, dark forces, gunpowder, steel, and magic: AENLIN KANE is looking for the heritage of her father, SOLOMON KANE in THE DARK LANDS!

1629. The Thirty Years' War with its conflicts shakes Europe and rages particularly mercilessly in Germany. The young adventuress Aenlin Kane travels to the neutral city of Hamburg to explore the legacy of her famous father, Solomon Kane. Together with her friend Tahmina, a Persian mystic, she is drawn into the turmoil of the war.
They accept a momentous mission from the West Indian Company: A motley crew is supposed to fight its way behind enemy lines to the Southern German town of Bamberg, where the stakes are already burning for most cruel witch trials – however, things take an unexpected turn. That cannot be a coincidence!
Aenlin and Tahmina know about the evil and the demons that walk the earth and use the turmoil of war to their advantage. Soon, it will be more than just another mission from the Company.
For Nicolas, the leader of the troupe, has a dark secret - more about that in LEGACY OF THE DARK LANDS!